Blogspot vs Wordpress self Hosting - Advantages

Advantages of Using WordPress Self Hosting is WordPress hosted on the server, so you have a limitation on your site. To my knowledge, at, you can not put an ad, can not put javscript, can not make that in addition to the blog, and you are bound by the TOS owned so that your blog can be deleted at any time by when you violate the TOS.

Meanwhile is a site that provides a CMS WordPress you can download and hosted on your own server, which means you can turn your blog into anything, membership site, online store, company website, forums, and more ... you have access to the database, you can change the theme and look of your site at will (if you know how), you can put as many ads, add various features to your site, all you want without being tied TOS anyone (except TOS hosting company you are using ).

Due to the customization capabilities are virtually limitless, many professional websites using WordPress as a CMS self hosting them. Hence also, if you want a serious online business, you should also begin to hire a hosting and domain register in order to install WordPress on your server.

Attention: Before you can install WordPress on your own server, of course you have to have a hosting and domain first. Both also must be integrated. If you do not know how to buy hosting, buy domain, and integrate domain and hosting you have, you can see the tutorial here:

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